Tribute to Gregory Isaacs

Salute to the late Gregory Isaacs featuring extract fron an interview I recorded with him in 1982

One thought on “Tribute to Gregory Isaacs

  1. Many many many thanks Daddy Roddy. Once again, you take me down memory lane and bring tears to my eyes. Incidentally, I used to have a tape of your Capitol Radio (I think) interview with the Cool Ruler in the early 80’s while still at the university. No doubt, it was a treasure until someone slipped it from me; and remained more so even after. I have tried my best to track and own your studio works in the 80’s. I purchased Rodigan/Barry G Clash 2 a while back but in truth, I always preferred Clash 1. Unfortunately, there seems to be no trace of that in the market . . . Or, is there? I recall “… pack up David, pack up, Goliath is here . . .” Gosh! Indeed, those were the days. Bless you Roddy!!!

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