Reggae On BBC Radio 2

I Shall be hosting a series of ten, hour long, weekly Reggae shows on BBC Radio 2, commencing on Thursday july 14th at 11pm.

The series will be a reflection of all that is great in traditional reggae, stretching back across 5 decades to its beginnings as in Jamaica whilst also targeting the very latest of the new releases.

21 thoughts on “Reggae On BBC Radio 2

  1. Brilliant news. Mark Lamarr did a great reggae show previously – but then decided he had pretty much played all his reggae choices – there is plenty more out there – and I am sure you know just where to find it.

  2. At last Roddy! Great, great news. Looking forward to tuning in on Thursday. David, you are like Samson – holding up the musical and cultural pillars of reggae around the world and keeping the music from dying. Long may you continue.

  3. I’m enjoying your Broadcast on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, i love it! Sunny vibes through my nighshift! Hear you soon on BBC2!

  4. Anyone wanting an education in music needs to listen to his show.

    If you haven’t listened to Giles Petersen’s interview with David on BBC Radio 1 at the moment- do yourself a favour.

  5. Great news, I will never, ever forget Rodigan’s Rockers on BFBS! Say hello to all of your forces and ex forces listeners. Best of luck on Radio 2, you deserve it. Simon Mayo has just been bigging you up on his show…

  6. Good luck with the show David, will be listening religiously. Can anyone tell me what the name of the track featured right at the end of the trailer doing the rounds on radio 2 at the present. All you hear of it is a horn riff right before it ends. Got it’s bugging me!

  7. Respect to BBC R2 for branching out into the musical genres, and for recognising quality presenters.

    Looking forward to the shows.

    Good luck Rodders! And thanks for the 30-odd years so far.

  8. I’m a native of the UK but immigrated to the States 20 years ago and I never miss the opportunity to go check you out when you come to New Jersey. Keep on doing your thing!!!

    I hope I will be able to hear the shows on BBC2 online. It ah goh maaaaaaaad 🙂

  9. Really looked forward to show but was very disappointed. Choice of mainly MOR reggae,but worse was talking over the beginning and/or end of every single track (even the John Peel session one). JP would never have done that. Show some respect for the music you claim to love mate.

  10. gwanramjam excellent music juat like the capital days keep it up also when you mashed up the dance at welling borough for jah trooper sound bless one love boasty boy.

  11. Yippee!!! I used to listen to David when he was doing shows for BFBS when I was serving in Germany in the late 80s. I will certainly be tuning in. He opened my eyes and ears to what is so lovely and varied about Reggae. Can’t wait 🙂

  12. First heard david on BFBS when i was in the army in the 80`s. Looking forwaed to the shows on radio2.

  13. Last heard you on Rodigan’s Rockers (BFBS circa 1985 ish) Fab then….
    Even better now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will be tired in work on Fridays from now on!

  14. I used to enjoy the 2 hour show on Kiss and when it got cut down to 1 hour I was gutted. At least now for a bit anyway I can get 2 hours of Rodigan a week. Great stuff and Rodigan is an asset to the BBC, it would be great if he got a permanant show on Radio 2.

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