11 thoughts on “Rodigan Honoured

  1. Just wanted to congratulate you on your MBE… it is VERY well deserved for all the goodness and your unique style of playing reggae music for the masses… well done David. xxx

  2. What a superb achievement Sir! Something that was due a long time ago. And to top it all you have been playing Reggae Music Again (Busy Signal) which is such a triumphant tune!

  3. A well deserved achievement and pleased you received recognition of the many years you have devoted to Reggae music. What about an “oldie” celebratory dance ?

  4. Hey David,
    Heartiest congrats on this well deserved honour!
    This was only a matter of time – enjoy!

  5. bless david, congratulations.on your mbe i have listened to you over many years from the 1970, s also when you played out with jah troopers from northampton at wellingborough in 2009 what a great night to be inspired you and your selection in the best of reggae good luck to you

  6. Rodders, this is so thoroughly deserved and long overdue.
    Huge congrats for keeping reggae at the forefront.

    Big up Brother David

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