Articles in the Jamaica Star and iCrates Magazine

A couple of nice new bits of press have appeared in the past week. First up is the Jamaica Star – to get such a great “notice” in the Jamaican press is quite something:

David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan plays a sound with the glee of a child, but introduces the songs with the detail of a man who delights in the history of the music. He plays on radio and rocks the clubs, yet takes on the toughest in any clash, anywhere, anytime.

…And this is a recent interview I did in Berlin for iCrates:

Headlining festivals around the world this summer, Rodigan’s reggae Ram Jam has struck a chord with a new generation and with a reported booking waiting list of up to two years, we were delighted when the affable disc-jockey invited iCrates for croissants and coffee to share with us his life in reggae.

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