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I write this to inform you that today I have resigned from my position as a broadcaster on Kiss FM. I’ve been with station for 22 years, shared some wonderful times with many fantastic artists and members of staff and its with great sadness that I’ve come to this decision. Due to their continued marginalisation of reggae music into the twilight zone of radio scheduling, it has left me no option but to make a stand for my passion and the music I love so dearly.

As Bob Marley famously said “the stone that the builder refused will be the head corner stone.” Reggae was originally played on the streets, not on radio, and Kiss’ refusal to schedule the only reggae show on their network to a socially accessible time has resulted in this decision. Reggae is worthy of more respect and so are the fans and lovers of this music.

The Independent’s coverage including a statement from David

BBC News’ coverage

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  1. You are probably far too humble to make it about yourself, but, for many of us, you (your selection, personality and voice) are the reason we listen.

    Given the digital world, I have the opportunity to listen to shows at a time of my choosing (thanks to Mixcloud etc), but it doesn’t make it right that programming shuns ‘specialist’ shows in this way.

    RAJAR and audience numbers do not tell the whole story about the success of a show….it’s annoying that decisions are often made with that metric in mind.

    It has resulted in bland content being broadcasted.
    I support your brave decision and hope that you’re rewarded immediately by a rival station!


  2. You have my utmost respect in making your decision. Hopefully you will continue to do what you love best where not only are you appreciated for your contribution to reggae, but maybe with likeminded people.

  3. Crying shame – i was annoyed enough when they moved you from two to one hour – as you say – marginalising. Hope you find a slot elsewhere – loved the R2 programs – lets hope they snap you up.

  4. Dear David

    Good for you. Heard you for more than 30 years at carnival and on various programmes. You were the only programme I listed to on Kiss (loved the station in early 90s but it has been pointless for years).

    Looking forward to seeing you turn up somewhere with more respect.

    All the best


  5. Love your passion, I’ve gone to hear you rinse out the tunes many times, in festivals and in clubs. You are Mr Reggae ambassador!

    Anyway don’t fret bredwin, Reggae still is being shown its due respect. Universal music have just launched their discover music site today (which I helped build) the Genre they chose to launch with is none other than Reggae. By far the best musical genre ever!

    check it

    safe rudeboy, Jah bless

  6. Sad news for all reggae fans. David, I completely understand why you made this decision. 11pm on Sundays was already an awkward time but starting at midnight is too much, it shows a lack of respect for reggae and a lack of faith in their audience wanting to hear different genres. I’ll miss the show but while Kiss have lost a listener I will follow you wherever you go next. Please don’t stop seeking out and sharing the best reggae in the world. Thanks.

  7. Very sad day,reggae has lost it voice and champion on uk radio, its like going back to the 70-80 reggae is pushed to the back , it never has got the air play it deseved, and has been show litt;e respect form all the major radio company, open and internet radio site Roddy we will all listen

    Bless bless bless

  8. All respect to you sir. I have been listening to you playing the best of Reggae since my childhood. I absolutely agree with you and hope you will quickly find a prominent station picks up your cause, gives you a better time slot and we hear much more from you in the coming months and years.
    As your jingle used to say, “Roddie, you’re a dubwise s’moddy!”
    All the best to you.


  9. Good for taking a stand my whole family has listen to you for many years . You have kept us in touch with JA. I hope you will turn up on another station / show. Please let your fans know the best way to help .

  10. On to bigger and better things……their loss.

    You are and will always be the Don of reggae music!!!

    Good luck for the future

    Cynthia x

  11. Good for standing up for your convictions, they did the same on Choice which is why I no longer Listern to them. It is time we as a people woke up to what is happening in this country . We pay for a TV licence and I look at adverts the token black person and child maybe in them Programming the same ? Go figure !

  12. used to listen to you from Germany on BFBS years ago even got to talk to you in a club you came over to & when you DJ there the place just kicked off big upto you MR RODIGAN

  13. Totally respecting your decision. I’ve tuned in and listened to you play a vast range of reggae music since my early teens.There are better radio stations out there that will appreciate your endless talent and commitment to this genre of music. The future’s yours, let your followers know where you are next.

  14. I take my hat off to you, David. Well done! I applaud you for making a stand. Brushing Reggae under the after-midnight rug has been the M.O. of too many mainstream radio stations. When will they realise that Reggae is not dangerous, not violent or about drug abuse but is in fact a very positive genre of music? There is always an element of the negative in all genres, but presenters such as yourself are more than able to select very carefully what it served to the public. I dream of the day when Reggae can be heard during daylight hours on mainstream radio. You will be the person who will make that happen, me thinks.

    Love and blessings

    Raven x

  15. I trust you have plans to return 🙂 Come on the BBC sign Rodigan up not just for a summer season but weekly.

  16. Hello. I am writing this comment from Beirut, Lebanon. A friend of mine living in the UK that knows how much I have passion for Reggae sent me this link.
    I would like to congratulate you for the stand you took. Yes. Reggae started from the streets. From the ROOTS. It reflected the people’s worries, dreams and aspirations. In his music, Bob Marley (whom I listen to every single day, multiple times)..protested, spoke up, rebelled and dreamed for many millions of us. His words and songs stand firm today. For a radio to come and marginalize that is doing injustice to music as authentic as Reggae. Yet I think you should come up with your own initiative and cultivate your own garden. The internet has a variety of low cost tools to promote almost anything. Let Reggae have a good space there, led by yourself.

    Lots of respect

  17. Reggae Music the peoples music is being treated like common crape, it is the original for every thing out there now As Dave said this is the head corner stone we never refused it but they will be running back for it.

  18. Commiserations Rodigan. Kiss have got form doing this – remember the utterly disgraceful way they treated Steve Jackson?

    The future is pirates – where the real music is.

    Much love and respect from me and millions more.

  19. David,.. long time fan of what you do and are… yes it’s a pity, but this will free you up to concentrate on things afresh and they ARE out there, I and others have a good deal of success withou any of your pedigree by broadcasting online, I get 30,000 listeners globally a month, broacasting to China, deepest south american jungles, vanuaatu, oz, saudi, alaska, and all points to kingston! Selling coals… now, just think what you, with your draw and knowledge could and will do…

    power to you in the up and coming..

  20. David, whilst i’m totally gutted by your decision I totally understand and support it!

    As a loyal supporter, lover and collector of Reggae over four decades I’ve seen the overall “decay” and decline in radio airplay, however, you and your programme were a bastion, a “window” to the latest dubplates and releases of the genre, however the station for whatever reason seemed determined to draw the curtains on it with their constant shuffling, altering and re-scheduling of timeslots – why? only they would know … poignantly on Jamaica’s 50th anniversary year you planted the flag of resistance and said enough is enough! Burn down Babylon!

    Your decision says, and highlights plenty about how the station has forgotten and removed itself from it’s roots – does anyone at the station actually remember – Pirates’ Anthem? yes, Pirates’ Anthem the first ever track the station played, a REGGAE track!

    Respect Rodders!

  21. Rodigan who will i listen to now. You and Norman Jay have both been shafted by the broadcasting establishments. You have educated me musically since your days on capital. Don’t stay of the air too long. The nation NEEDS you.

  22. I started listening to you since you came on Gilles Peterson’s show a while back. Frankly I was surprised you were on such a commercial/dance orientated station & couldn’t believe I was tuning into KISS again for the first time since I was a teenager ! .. I hope you join a more like-minded bunch, such as at Radio 6 … ???

  23. So so sad that I won’t hear ya dulcet tones on kiss . It’s their loss you will be back with more respect than commercial radio will ever give you . You are reggaes biggest icon and I can’t wait to hear you back on the airwaves . You are the reason I started listening to reggae from your early days along with ranking miss p !! Jah bless rodigan please let us know of your next venture and I for one will be listening for sure . Peace love and harmony Sir Rodders

  24. Respect! Most people sell their souls today in the music industry and forget why what first attracted them to the industry!

  25. I am shocked but not surprise, Kiss Fm have taken the piss giving you a one hour show and now putting it on so late, you now i have been with you from day one,Radio London days to Capital, Barry G and Gossips, you will no doubt find a decent station to play reggae on and with a few hours to do it. Al the best Mr Rodigan.

  26. Sir David.You got me hooked on Reggae in the early 1980s when you were on Capital Roots Rockers.I taped show after show ,as did my son John,then only 11 0r 12.I still have and play those tapes,including some Reggae Sunsplash ones recorded live from Crystal Palace.I greatly admire your dedication to my beloved reggae music.Your knowledge and understanding of this great music is unsurpassed.Thankyou so much for the pleasure you have given us.Totally support your standpoint.

  27. Really respect you taking a stance on this one.

    Reggae is a foundation music and continues to be loved by millions worldwide.

    The genre is not dying but continues to be vibrant and enjoyed everywhere it seems accept in media who have forgotten their roots as they sell out.

    Big up Sir Rodigan … we all support you!


  28. Well done for making a stand Roddy, Your show will be truly missed in my house. I have been an avid listener for years and can only hope that another station will snap you up very soon so that you can once again spread your uplifting vibes and energy across the airwaves. ‘RodiganFM’ sounds like a plan to me………. I salute you Sir.

  29. Absolute respect to you for standing up to the corporate BS. Sending positive vibes, hope you find a new slot elsewhere very soon.

    Peace and respect

    Tom Ireland

  30. Much love Rodigan!I respect your decision and all your fans will wait in anticipation for your next journey!


  31. Massive amounts of respect to you for standing up for the music we love! You are our own Reggae Ambassador!
    I’ve listened to you on Kiss from the early 90’s, where I found you accidentally one Sunday evening. Since then you’ve had me hooked – from Kiss to BFBS in Germany and Bosnia, and from Gossips to Hanover!I have tapes of you from all over which I still listen to now (excellent revision!), but your shows on Kiss have been my staple!!
    Your ‘second to none’ knowledge and passion for reggae music is absolutely contagious, and should be celebrated, not shoved into the back room like some dirty secret!
    Get Up Stand Up Sir Rodigan of Reggae – we’re right there behind you!!
    By the way – Rodigan FM does sound good – see reply no 43! x

  32. greetings roddy. i have been listening to since moving to london in 1985 and have been to numerous clubs, dances and sound clashes featuring yourself. it was becoming increasingly difficult to listen to you in your most recent slot so i mostly listen to you via kisskube. i do support your move and was suprised you hadnt moved earlier. however goodluck for the future. let us know what you are doing. you are by far the countrys number 1 reggae dj.

  33. big up, its a massive shame but good on you for standing for what you love as ever. always love listening to your shows and have done for years, i look forward to what every you do next

  34. Heard you on Radio Two recently and it took me back to when I was a cabbie in London listening to you through the night. Quality never changes. I logged on today and was dismayed to find you gone from Kiss which I hadn’t listened to for years before I found your show. Please post when you are back broadcasting. You are missed by many, respect dude.

  35. Go Roddie,

    A brave stand.The reggae prophets and teachers would be proud.
    We will follow you and reggae will continue to delight and inspire generations.
    One love,

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