Rodigan shop Festive Sale & RAM JAM comes to Brighton

Check the shop page for lots of festive deals!

RAM JAM comes to Brighton.
Join me at our next Ram Jam event at Concord 2 in Brighton!

5 Responses to “Rodigan shop Festive Sale & RAM JAM comes to Brighton”

  1. Hugh Jackman says:

    Roddi, start your own radio station! It’s time brother, well overdue. If anyone can make it work , it’s you…

    We used to move together years ago but you won’t remember me, I serve the Lord now but still remember the great work you did and continue to do.

    Blessings man

  2. Beardfreak says:

    Totally agree & ‘respect’ from Reggae Retro Records ..!

  3. Lois says:

    Roddigan, I totally agree with you and it’s great of you to take this stance. When Kiss first came on the scene reggae music was played alot more often but over the years it has been marginalised and it’s so disrespectful as lots of us who love this music gave this sation our support in its flegling days. Keep strong !

  4. Munchie says:

    Respect. We all know that you are passionate,
    that’s why you are bigger than Ben! (Big Ben). Just tell me where you de, I will reach. I have aeriel and car, an I jus get one iphone fi Christmas, so no matter where you de we can catch you. Seriously, we listen to Mr Rodigan not Kiss. I personally thank you for you contribution to music.
    Bless breda Rodi.

    LLB hons, LLM.

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