I’ve Joined The BBC!

My new show for 1Xtra will air between 7-9pm on Sunday evenings, bringing listeners the best of the reggae scene with the latest fresh sounds alongside classic tunes. Starting on 17th Feb. I am absolutely delighted to be joining BBC Radio 1Xtra where I can share my passion for both new cutting edge reggae and classic cuts, reflecting a genre of music which continues to play a paramount role in urban bass culture music.

I’m also returning to Radio 2 with a new 13-part series this summer. Once again, I will showcase my love for all types of classic roots and reggae from the Sixties to the present by celebrating its back catalogue and looking to its future.

BBC Press Release
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11 thoughts on “I’ve Joined The BBC!

  1. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and like the massive boulder he is championing Reggae, Rodder’s has let no moss grow under his feet – was there any doubt!

    Absolutely fantastic news – Kiss’ loss is certainly BBC’s gain!

    As Ben Cooper (Radio 1 and 1Xtra controller) said “David Rodigan is a legend in broadcasting and it will be great to listen to him on Sunday evenings on BBC Radio 1Xtra. It’s fantastic to welcome someone with his unrivalled knowledge and passion for reggae to the BBC”.

    I think the one word in that quote that sums things up is – LEGEND, something Kiss failed to appreciate and recognise – two fingers up to them!

    All the very best with the 1Xtra show Rodders, my Sunday nights will now seem more recognisable, and indeed complete (only earlier!) …only pity is I have to wait until February.

  2. Congratulations on the new 2 hour slot !! — Here’s hoping that those who plea for a “Reggae Presence” on mainstream radio reward you by regular listening — Like you I’m 61 – but haven’t done any serious DJ work for over 20 years. Though I remember fondly slots at Colwyn Bay Pier in the 70’s where others like the still active Earthdoctor recently said I first introduced them to dub sounds. Also giving free of charge early week at a club where I was resident Dj specialist Reggae nights (mainly DanceHall, Lovers Rock, Dub and Dub Poets courtesy of a small fortune spent on 12in singles at Daddy Cool plus more imports than I dare to remember ) Sadly the swarms of people on the the North Wales Coast who requested the service did not follow up with their feet ! So it proved a project that was relatively short lived. Nevertheless ending the “normal” club nights with over 400 present by sneaking in ” Carroll Thomson — Hopelessly in Love ” as a signature tune for over a year still brings a warm feeling -Best Wishes for the Show — Who knows you might end one of them the same way !

  3. forward rodi
    mash them up at the bbc for forsaking Reggae music way back in the seventies “IT’S A LONG WALK TO THE BBC”
    Good on yuh for leaving Kiss on principle yuh a good man Mr.Rodigan

    Peace and Dub

  4. i’m already losing touch with new releases so it will be great to have Rodigan back on the air. 7-9pm sunday is slightly less terrible than the old 10-12 on kiss, but at least on 1xtra there’s a decent chance that some of the bigger tunes will also get some play during the day

  5. When i read the bbc press release all i could think of is kissfms loss is the bbcs gain.

    I cannot wait for the all new 2 hour “Rodigan`s Reggae” when it first airs on feburary 17th.

    Please i am so pleased that Rodders will be doing a third series of his fantastic radio 2 series in the summer.

    Bring it on!!!!

  6. David Rodigan has managed to do what even those owners (Jamaicans) of the genre itself have not managed to do and that is to spread the culture, the vibe, the sound which is reggae music all over the place. I think what Kiss failed to realize is that reggae music is a culture and not just a genre that had a slot on their radio station. Massive respect to BBC for coming together with the Sir of reggae and have the lovers of reggae/dancehall receive the doses of the vibe that is the music of Jah. I would love for this guy to mentor me. Big up.

  7. I cannot believe that it has taken so long for you to be playing at a sensible hour. I could never listen to your show on a Sunday night as I wake up early for work, and I never understood how Kiss could put you on so late! I have only just discovered today that you will be on 1extra and I am now planning my Sunday evening around your show. I’ve loved listening to you since I was a teenager and remember the first time I saw you playing live in Acton town hall in the 80’s. There were 2 Dj’s playing reggae music on the radio back then, yourself and Tony Williams, but you were the champion and my friends and I listened together every show.

    I think you are a one off and I adore you. You will always remain a part of my life(30 years so far!). Thank you for your knowledge and talent. Kiss FM, unbelievable !! 1Extra, true music appreciation. Big up!!

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