Summer Blog: Rodigan on Radio 1 Saturday 29 June!

I must begin by thanking the thousands of Park Life festival ravers who came along to my Ram Jam stage in the sunshine up in Manchester. It was such an amazing day and night and it was such a joy to see and feel all the love and good vibes that flowed throughout the park, also thank you to all the artists who performed for us.

So summer really has arrived and Glastonbury beckons, the oldest and greatest rock music festival in the world. The BBC will be broadcasting from all the main stages on their various frequencies to their loyal listeners on 6 Music, 1 Xtra, Radio 2 and of course BBC Radio 1.

I remember what radio was like before the BBC created Radio 1 in 1967, when we all listened to John Peel, Emperor Rosko, Kenny Everett, Tommy Vance, Tony Blackburn and all the other pirate dee jays playing non stop back to back pop music and ska and rocksteady from Radio Caroline and Radio London, from ships outside territorial waters.

Little did I know then that one day I would be broadcasting from Radio 1, and that day has almost arrived. Yes, I am proud to say that my first ever show on BBC Radio 1 will be from the Gully Stage at Glastonbury on Saturday 29th of June at 11pm through to midnight.

Tune in if you can. I shall be preforming at quite a few festivals so do check the gig listings and give me some signal if you are raving in the sun.

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